Corona virus: Contingency plan (beredskapsplan)


Information regarding Kundo’s preparedness and actions addressing Corona/COVID-19

This document describes Kundo’s preparedness and precautionary measures to address the Corona pandemic.

Maintenance and support of our products

All of Kundo’s products are running and being maintained in the cloud at the Irish data centre of Amazon Web Services (AWS). We are not using any physical hardware that is dependent on staff or physical conditions at the Kundo Office. Our goal is to always have our services up and running and to make sure that we are fulfilling our Service Level Agreement. We are using multiple tools for scaling and updating the infrastructure, monitoring, logging, and alarms to ensure high availability. Backup of data is done automatically every night and saved for 30 days.

To support our customers on technical questions our Support team is available during business hours through https://kundo.se/contact/. We are using our own products to ensure digital available support through Kundo Forum, Kundo Mail and Kundo Chat. The Support staff (1:st and 2:nd line) can support our customers regardless of physical location (e.g working from home due to the Corona situation) and is continuously supported by staff from our Development teams (3:rd line). We are prepared to share the workload among many individuals in case of a widely spread absence due to e.g. sick leaves. 

Should our website or products for any reason fail we are using an external fallback solution for managing support e-mails. In the unlikely situation where our products and website are unavailable, you can always reach us through mail support@kundo.se or by phone at +46 (0)8 124 059 00.

Customer training and onboarding

Our customer training and onboarding is fully operational and will proceed as usual. We offer remote meetings over phone or video conferencing in cases where we or the customer thinks this is the better option or based on the current recommendations from authorities. 

Health policies for employees and contractors

We have implemented a number of steps to reduce the risk of virus spread and to ensure that our employees and contractors are healthy:

  • We are followings the regulations and demands from the governments in Sweden and Norway closely, and has weekly reviews in order to implement those into new business policies.

  • We are updating our employees and contractors about the new business policies in a weekly e-mail, or with an e-mail the same day as any major change is needed.

  • We are encouraging our employees and contractors to be updated and follow all new regulations and demands from the government. 

  • We are encouraging our employees and contractors to wash their hands often and carefully.

We are currently implementing safety measures such as:

  • Encouraging and making it possible for all employees and contractor to work from home

  • Adjusting number of employees working from our offices at the same time depending on government regulations

  • Put up signs with reminders of safety measures on our offices

  • Adjusting international business travels depending on government regulations

  • Holding web based meetings as default instead of physical meetings

  • Holding web based external events and training sessions 

These actions may be changed, expanded or withdrawn as the situation develops or we receive new guidelines from authorities.

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