Continuity plan (beredskapsplan)



This guide describes Kundo's assurance to keep our Product, Support and Customer Success program up and running even in the events of unexpected incidents and events.

Maintenance and support of our products

All of Kundo’s products are maintained in the cloud at the Irish data centre of Amazon Web Services (AWS). We do not use any physical hardware that is dependent on staff or physical conditions at the Kundo Office. Our goal is to always have our services up and running and to make sure that we are fulfilling our Service Level Agreement. We are using multiple tools for automatic scaling to ensure constant high performance as well as continuous updating of the infrastructure, monitoring, logging, and alarms to ensure high availability. Backup of data is done continuously as well as every night and saved for 30 days.

To support our customers on technical questions our Support team is available during business hours through https://kundo.se/contact/. We are using our own products to ensure digital available support through Kundo Forum, Kundo Mail and Kundo Chat. The Support staff (1:st and 2:nd line) can support our customers regardless of physical location (e.g working from home if needed due to an unexpected situation) and is continuously supported by staff from our Development teams (3:rd line). We are prepared to share the workload among many individuals in case of a widely spread absence due to e.g. sick leaves. 

Should our website or products for any reason fail we are using an external fallback solution for managing support e-mails. In the unlikely situation where our products and website are unavailable, you can always reach us through mail support@kundo.se or by phone at +46 (0)8 124 059 00.

In the event of an outage, you will always be able to find the latest status update at our statuspage, and we have detailed processes in place to get the product up and running as rapidly as possible. Historically we have usually managed to get the system up and running within 10-15 minutes. 

In the event of a security incident, please refer to our incident management process .

Customer onboarding, training and success

Our Customer Success team can be reached during business hours through customer@kundo.se, by phone at +46 (0)8 124 059 00 or directly to your dedicated Customer Success Manager.
Our customer training and onboarding can be done fully remotely and proceed as usual in the event of an unexpected incident. We offer remote meetings over phone or video conferencing in cases where we or the customer thinks this is the better option or based on any recommendation from authorities.

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